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THIS AGREEMENT is made this _(date)__ by and between ______________(Hereinafter referred to as the "Renter"), and Sango Event Center LLC (Hereinafter referred to as "SEC").
SEC does hereby rent to the Renter the Premises known as the Sango Event Center, located at 3061 Highway 41A South, Clarksville, Tennessee (hereinafter referred to as "the Premises" or the "Event Center"). Renter assumes the responsibility of reading the rental agreement prior to reserving the building and securing that reservation with a monetary deposit. The SEC does not require a signed rental agreement because your security deposit is a monetary bond between the SEC and the renter that all rules and regulations specified in the rental agreement will be adhered to and followed. Upon receipt of security deposit, the SEC has a monetary bond securing a rental agreement with the renter.

Please read carefully to fully understand your responsibilities.
1. TERM OF RENTAL. The term of rental shall be from _12 / p.m. on _(date)__ until _1 a.m.  on (date)_, 20_. No portion of any event shall take place on the Premises between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Setup time shall be included in the term of rental unless written permission from SEC is obtained. All vendors and other parties providing services, catering or the like for rentals must vacate the Premises no later than 1:00 a.m. following the event. A charge of One Hundred Twenty-Five ($125.00) Dollars per hour or portion thereof shall apply for each hour the Event Center is not cleared after an event. SEC reserves the right to enter the building at any time without any prior notice or consideration.

2. SECURITY DEPOSIT. A security deposit of $500 for a one day rental or $750 for a two day rental shall be collected from the Renter at time of booking. After the event, SEC shall apply the security deposit against any damages and any other charges incurred which may include bank transaction fees for credit card processing, and net amount shall be due and payable to SEC by Renter, or any other unused portion of deposit shall be returned to Renter after, and if, all conditions outlined in this agreement, including Additional Conditions section are fulfilled by the Renter, to SEC’s satisfaction. Security Deposit shall be returned to the Renter within 7-10 business days following SEC’s confirmation that no damage has occurred to the Premises, and surrounding property. Renter agrees to pay for any damages to the Premises exceeding the security deposit within five (5) days of notification by SEC of any amount outstanding. Renter further agrees that if the same is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, to pay the costs of collecting the amount due, including reasonable attorney’s fees. Other sums owed by Renter to SEC may be similarly deducted as allowed by law. In the event the Premises are damaged and prevent other scheduled rentals from occurring, Renter shall be responsible for any and all refund of deposits to said Renters. FAILURE TO MAKE ALL PAYMENTS DUE BEFORE FINAL DUE DATE (MINIMUM OF 30 DAYS BEFORE THE SCHEDULED EVENT) WILL CONSTITUTE DEFAULT OF THIS AGREEMENT TO INCLUDE THE REFUND OF ANY AND ALL SECURITY DEPOSITS.

3. RENTAL RATE. In consideration for the use and occupancy of the Premises and the performance by SEC of its obligations herein, Rental agrees to pay SEC the sum of __(agreed upon price)___.Rental Rate has been determined upon completion of the Pricing menu and Final Invoice set forth by the Sango Event Center and agreed upon by the renter.

Rental Rate $_____  (Rental amount + attendant and any other known services)

Security Deposit $_(MIN. OF $500)_

Sales Tax $___


(Total of all deposits, $500.00 minimum for the date secured, plus any payments known at this time required by other vendors)


Balance of Rental Rate for date secured and all payments due other Vendors shall be paid prior to event date. Failure to make ALL payments due before final due date (minimum of 30 days before the scheduled event) will constitute default of this agreement to include the refund of any and all security deposits.  Applicable State Sales Taxes will be applied to Final Invoice.  Sango Event Center reserves the right to refuse service to any one at any time for any reason.

A payment for the amount of the security deposit plus any known fees of additional vendors secured by SEC shall be due at the time of booking to hold the date for the event. The balance due for payment of the room and any vendors secured by SEC shall be due 30 days prior to the event, and is non-refundable.

Refund Policy for cancellations is as follows:
All cancellations will forfeit the $500 downpayment.  Any merchandise, materials, props, or payments to outside vendors will be deducted from the payments made to Sango Event Center and any remaining balance will be returned to the cardholder. If payments were made in cash, check or any other means- that refund will be made to the renter.  

Rain policy for outdoor events- Any outdoor events scheduled are at the risk of the renter. Outdoor events cancelled day of the event because of rain or unfavorable outdoor conditions will not receive a refund for outdoor ceremony charge. Cancellations done 7 days prior due to weather will receive 50% of the outdoor fee refund. Cancellations for outdoor services cancelled 60 days prior to the event will receive 100% of outdoor fee refunded. The SEC contracts independent contractors to move outdoor pews and outdoor setup the day of the event. These independent contractors are reserved 60 days prior to the event and paid in full 7 days prior to the outdoor event. They are paid to reserve that date to set up outdoor events- if the outdoor event is rained out they cannot reschedule their work with that short of notice allowing them to accept other work to supplement their income for that day. It is the renters responsibility to cancel outdoor events in writing in a timely manner to receive  any due refunds.

4. PREMISES MUST BE CLEANED AND VACATED by 1:00 a.m. for all-day events or ½ hour following the end of partial-day rentals.

(a) Renter agrees to be completely responsible for any and all damages which may occur, either as the result of accidents or intentional acts of the Renter, guests, and / or vendors secured by the Renter. 
(b) Renter warrants that he / she shall remain ON THE PREMISES AT ALL TIMES during the Usage Term.

(a) BY LAW, NO ONE UNDER 21 MAY CONSUME OR TASTE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Renter agrees to contract, hire and pay for an ABC certified bartender (1 per every 100 people) whenever alcohol is served and warrants that there will be NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL BY PERSONS UNDER AGE 21. Further, Renter shall monitor all service of alcohol and specifically acknowledges that Renter is solely liable for the consumption of any alcohol by any person on the Premises and that such liability shall extend to any aspect regarding the consumption of alcohol. 
(b) SEC may ask guest for identification of age. SEC reserves the right to ask the entire party to leave if (1) a minor is consuming alcohol; (2) an adult is providing alcohol to a minor; or (3) a guest or guests appears intoxicated and refuses to leave the Premises. 
(c) All alcohol must be consumed inside the EVENT CENTER building or within the Courtyard. No alcohol is permitted anywhere outside of the main building, except within Courtyard. This includes outside the front door and the parking lots. No alcohol containers (bottles, cans, cups or kegs) shall be left outside of the Sango Event Center for any duration of time. Alcohol containers should be emptied and disposed of in trash receptacles. Alcohol containers left outside of building will void the refund of all security deposits. 
(d) Renter shall indemnify and hold SEC harmless from any and all liability relating to alcohol consumption.

7. NO SMOKING. Smoking is expressly prohibited inside of any structure on the Premises. Please do not throw cigarette butts or chewing tobacco anywhere on the property of the Sango Event Center. Cigarette butts and chewing tobacco littering the property will void the refund of all security deposits.

8. FIRE CODE. Renter agrees to at no time exceed occupancy limits designed by fire code. Renter is responsible for any fines imposed by the Fire Marshall for exceeding this limit and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold SEC harmless from the same. SEC reserves the right to cancel any event that exceeds the occupancy limits. Exceeding the occupancy limits designed by the fire code will void the refund of all security deposits.

9. INDEMNITY. Renter covenants at all times during the rental period that it shall indemnify and hold SEC harmless from and against all loss, liability, cost or damages that may occur or be claimed with respect to any person(s), entity or property on or about the Premises resulting from any act or omission by or through the Renter, its agents, contractors, employees, invitees, or any person on the Premises by reason of the Renter’s use or occupancy.

10. ACCESS TO THE PREMISES. All events are on a "first-come first-served" basis. An evening event booked after an afternoon event may be required to have a later start time. All Renters, guest, caterers, musicians and vendors shall be out of the Premises by 1:00 AM for full day rentals or one-half (1/2) hour after the event’s scheduled ending time for partial day rentals, unless prior arrangements are made. A charge of $125.00 per hour, or portion thereof, shall apply for each hour the Premises is not cleared after an event.

11. MISCELLANEOUS. Renter will supply and use reasonable and adequate table coverings at all times during the event. SEC does not provide linens as part of the rental fee but does offer linens for rent. Any damage done to linens will be handled on a case by case basis and any damages will be deducted from security deposit not to exceed the replacement value of the table linen(s).

12. CLEANUP. Clean-up of Premises will be completed before the building is vacated. Renter shall adhere to the following instructions for clean-up of the facility: 
(a) Event Center Rooms. Table trash, cups, plates, plastic ware, cake, food, decorations, etc. will be gathered and placed in the proper receptacles. Any tablecloths belonging to the SEC or an affiliated linen rental company should be placed inside a clear garbage bag only and left on top of the bar or in a designated area. Any damage done to tablecloths will be at the renters expense. Any tablecloths accidentally thrown away will be at the renters expense. All cups will be emptied into the sinks before being placed in the trash receptacles. All food or liquid spills should be wiped up immediately. Spills left over night can damage the floors and the facility and will void all security deposit refunds. 
(b) Restrooms. Trash will be picked up from the bathroom floors and receptacles emptied. 
(c) Outdoors / Deck. Trash will be picked up outside the building. Cigarette butts, cups, miscellaneous items left outside and on the deck area shall be disposed of in proper receptacles (not in planters or flower beds). 
(d) Kitchen / Bar Area. The kitchen is to be left as it was found. Wipe sinks, counters, tables, stovetop, clean bar equipment, remove remaining bottles, cans, kegs, etc. from the entire site. Floors in the kitchen / bar area are to be swept and left clean. Remove leftover food from the refrigerator. All food or liquid spills should be wiped up immediately. Dirty dishes shall be placed in triple sinks soaking. Dirty silverware shall be placed in bus pan soaking in a liquid soap solution. Drinkware should be placed in triple sink soaking. Bar glassware should be placed on a table designated just for breakable glassware. Breakable glassware should not be left in triple sinks. All dishes used during an event should be left out in the kitchen so the SEC can properly clean, dry and restock any and all plateware, glassware and silverware used by the renter. Please do not put away dishes after an event.
(e) Floors. Hard floors shall be swept and left free of debris. There should be no spills of any kind left on floors for any duration of time. 
(f) Tables and Chairs. Wipe down, wash and cleanup as needed. Put all tables and stacked chairs (8 in height) in their proper storage location (located inside kitchen area.) Do not slide chairs across main room floor or tiled floor in kitchen.  Scratches to flooring or chipped tile could result in the forfeiture of security deposit and could result in accessed fees for damages. SEC has a chair and table dolly for the use of moving chairs and tables only. Chair and table dollies are not to be used outdoors and should not be used with people riding on them. 
(g) Trash. Place all trash in containers and bags provided. Put trash in the dumpster provided outside of the Event Center building. At no time should anything be placed inside the dumpster that could cause a fire. No logs from a fire pit, no lit cigarette butts please. 
(h) Exit. When exiting the building, turn off lights and stereo equipment. Lock the building and set the alarm. Once all doors are locked (4 sets of double doors) and secured leave the event center key on the bar top and exit the side exit located next to the bar.  This door has a push release bar and will lock after it has been shut.

Any necessary clean-up by SEC of any items (a) through (h) will be charged and withheld from the deposit.

NOTE: For an additional fee, SEC will perform the cleanup items listed above except for the trash. Parties paying the event clean up fee will remove all trash from the building, remove all food and personal items, clean up any spills and remove any tobacco or chewing tobacco products from the building.

13. DECORATIONS. Renter agrees that decorations shall not be attached to the walls, ceilings, existing wall decorations, woodwork, ceiling fixtures, window treatments, by use of nails, scotch tape, staples, etc. Other decorating restrictions apply, as described in the attached "Additional Conditions."

14. USE OF KITCHEN. Caterers or serving personnel may use stove / oven, the refrigerator, and other equipment and kitchen facilities for service at the event and with permission from SEC personnel. The kitchen must be left clean. Failure to do so shall result in cleaning charges deducted from Renter’s damage deposit. Any damage to equipment belonging to the SEC will be at the renters expense. Any property removed from the building belonging to the SEC will be at the renters expense.

15. USE OF COURTYARD AREA. The courtyard area is available for use with the room, weather permitting. Smoking is permitted in the courtyard. Renter is responsible for disposing of cigarette butts and chewing tobacco in the proper receptacles (not planters, glassware or flower beds). Any necessary clean-up by SEC will be deducted from the security deposit. Any cigarettes or chewing tobacco left in a sink or toilet will void the refund of all security deposits.

16. USE OF P.A. SYSTEM. A PA or electronic amplification system is available for use during your event. This system may be used for background / dinner music, playing of audio for a program, announcements, toasts, etc. Renter will be responsible for damage to system, speakers or any component from misuse or abuse of the system by the Renter or guest.

17. PROJECTOR SCREEN AND LARGE SCREEN TELEVISION. A projector screen and large screen television may be available for use to show pictures, videos, etc. Renter must request this ahead of time.

18. CONDUCT OF EVENT. For the duration of the event, the Renter and its guest must abide by the SEC policies and comply with applicable regulations and laws. Renter is responsible for the actions of guests for any damages or losses incurred during the event. SEC has the right to refuse entry or service to and remove from the Premises any person it deems to be behaving in an improper or abusive manner or in a manner not befitting SEC. SEC reserves the right to exclude or remove any undesirable persons from the event and Premises without liability.

19. GOVERNING LAW. The parties agree that any dispute shall be subject to the laws of the State of Tennessee, and that any legal action shall be brought in Montgomery County, Tennessee.

20. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. The parties agree that all the terms and conditions are contained herein and that any modification shall be in writing.

The parties hereto have set their hands on the day and year first above written.

RENTERS SIGNATURE________________________________________DATE________________

Printed Name______________________________________________

SANGO EVENT CENTER___Melody Nalley_______DATE_JUNE 26, 2015_

Printed Name_MELODY NALLEY______------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Renter’s Contact Information:

Address ___

Home Phone ___________ Mobile Phone ___

Email Address ___

ALTERNATE Contact Person _ _______________________________________________________

Phone(s) ________________________ ___________________________

SEC Contact Information:

Sango Event Center, 3160 Highway 41A South, Clarksville, Tennessee

Phone: 931-624-2810


1. The SEC facility is rented as is. Alterations to the facility are not permitted: pictures, trophies, lamps, furniture, and other day-to-day decorative accessories may not be relocated or removed from the Premises. 
__________ Renters Initials

2. No nails, staples, screws, pins, tape or adhesives of any kind may be used on or put into walls, ceilings or floors. No adhesive tapes including scotch, masking, and duct tape may be placed on any surfaces. 
__________ Renters Initials

3. We would prefer you to refrain from the use of candles with an open flame but will compromise on candles used in centerpieces where the flame is contained inside a glass container (with approval from SEC personnel). Candles may be used on buffet tables by caterers, but only when the table / candles are under their direct supervision. 
__________ Renters Initials

4. No rice, glitter, confetti, birdseed, beans, fireworks or other unapproved "celebration materials" shall be allowed inside or outside the facility. Use of these materials could result in an extra cleaning expense.  Please check with SEC to see if a specific material is approved. 
__________ Renters Initials

5. No spills of any kind whatsoever to be left on the floor for any duration of time. No drinks on dance floor please. 
__________ Renters Initials

6. Set-up shall be part of the scheduled time unless previous arrangements are made. We do not guarantee any scheduled event before noon unless prior arrangements have been made. In special cases we will permit renters to enter the building before noon at the discretion of SEC representatives as long as the renter(s) does not hinder the clean up or preparation necessary to prepare for the upcoming event. 
__________ Renters Initials

7. No dance wax or compound, or any substance, may be spread on the floor. At no time should feet be placed on the walls or on any furniture, bar top or sink top. At no time should any person attempt to climb or hang from the ceiling structure. At no time should any person be permitted on the roof. At no time should any person be permitted downstairs without prior consent from the SEC. 

__________ Renters Initials

8. If damage has occurred to the Premises, as determined by SEC, then a joint walk-thru of the Premises may be requested by SEC on the next business day following the event. 
__________ Renters Initials

9. If damages to the facility prevent the next scheduled event(s) from occurring, Renter will be responsible for any and all refundable deposits and rental fees that may be demanded by future Renter(s). 
__________ Renters Initials

10. The Event Center building is a non-smoking facility. All smoking should be done outside the building, and the cigarette butts disposed of properly. Renter is responsible for picking up cigarette butts in the front of the building, around the front door, back lot and courtyard area after an event. The use of Chewing Tobacco, snuff or any other smokeless tobacco product is strictly prohibited in the Event Center. Receptacles for smokeless tobaccos, or "spit-cups" found in the Premises after an event will constitute immediate forfeiture of the entire damage deposit. Any cigarette butts or smokeless tobacco products disposed of in any sink or toilet will void the refund of all security deposits. Any damage done to any piece of furniture or equipment owned by the SEC as a result of any tobacco product will be at the renters expense. 
__________ Renters Initials

11. We at Sango Event Center want your event to be memorable and as special as possible. We recognize that celebrations often include children and children will be children. We ask that parents be parents and supervise the children. Children should be kept from running, throwing food or other objects, standing in window boxes, on tables or chairs, hanging from or on doors. Children should not at no time be allowed in the kitchen or bar areas, or outside if unsupervised. SEC shall not be responsible for injuries to unsupervised children. Renters shall be responsible for all damages incurred from children-regardless of age. 
_________ Renters Initials

______________________________________ Acceptance of All "Additional Conditions"(Renters